Be Otherworldly (falinemalfoy) wrote in hp05_ravenclaw,
Be Otherworldly


1. Name: Faline
2. Age: 19
3. Location: Michigan/Ohio
4. Birthday:07/10
5. Optional - Picture of yourself:

6. What constitutes you as a Ravenclaw? I think I'm pretty clever and I have an unholy desire to learn everything that I possibly can.
7. Are there any other houses you think you have in you? Not really. Sometimes I can be very sneaky about how I do things, like a Slytherin, but certinly not to the extent that a Slytherin would.
8. Who is your favourite Harry Potter character? I loved Cedric. He was very shortlived and became a fine young man by the time he left us.
9. What is your occupation? I make pizza. Lots and lots of pizza
10: Anything you would like to share? I also have an unholy desire for pie. It's weird.
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