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1. Name: Tarah Hollister
2. Age: 15
3. Location: burlington, nj
4. Birthday: november 22
5. Optional - Picture of yourself:

me on the left

6. What constitutes you as a Ravenclaw?
well i like to research things if i like what i`m doing and i want to know more about it or if i dont understand something and if my friends cant remember something i'll always be the one to like sit there and figure it out lol and i am very creative. and i dont usually tell people this but i like school.
7. Are there any other houses you think you have in you? well i dont have any  Slytherin in me because i'm defiantly not a coward and i dont have a thing for putting people down but i am alittle of a hufflepuff because i am hardworking and i like to stay out of the way and i`m alittle gryffindor because i love my friends and i will always be their for them like they are for me.

8. Who is your favourite Harry Potter character? i love the weasleys (except percy) but i love fred and george the most.
9. What is your occupation? i work with my mom becuase i am still too young to get my own job. but i do handwork in mailing
10: Anything you would like to share? i have two black cats. i rescued my first one from a shelter because she was abused & no one wanted her and they were going to kill her and i got my second one because it was just love at first sight lol and i dont know what i would do he ever ever got hurt. so i have a thing for black cats lol.

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Aww, that's sweet that you saved your first cat. I kind of had the same thing happen to me when I got my second cat. (She happens to be black too!)

Anyways...*waves* Hey!
yea i don't see why people can be so superstitious about them. the cats are more afraid of you then people are of them. anyways. i just have a question. when you join classes, do you have to do the assignment?
yeah, when you join classes, you do the assignments to get points. i dont know what happens if you dont do the assignments, though. and honestly they're pretty easy to do. (for me at least)